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The Under $50,000 Kitchen

So…one day last year I’m driving home from the office. One of my daughters had questioned me about some kitchen changes she wanted to do in her home. As I’m driving, I’m thinking that our cabinetry is not in a price range that she can afford. And then…ZOOM…a new SUV passes me. My daughter drives the same one. When I get home, I Google her SUV READ MORE

How To Add Contemporary Style To A Kitchen

How To Add Contemporary Style To A Kitchen

Contemporary kitchen style is in a word, balanced. This style maintains a comfortable balance between functional livability and understated sophistication.

For the modern homeowner, less means more. Nothing should be present that doesn’t have an intended function– even if that function is simply the appreciation of the beauty of the materials, or READ MORE

Best Kept Secrets for a Cleaner Kitchen

Best Kept Secrets for a Cleaner Kitchen

The kitchen is heart of the home and, just like giving yourself “You Time” to recenter and focus, the kitchen too needs to be kept balanced for life’s day to day encounters. Using these tips will give you a great head start!


Wooden Utensils 

Clean by hand with hot, soap and water along with and a dish brush. Wooden utensils should be READ MORE

4 Essentials to Better Cabinets

4 Essentials to Better Cabinets

Use these vital tips to when planning to add new cabinets to your home.

Are you planning on buying new cabinets for your kitchen or other parts of your home? Yes? Then follow these helpful tips and you’ll be on the right track.

Tip #1  Don’t Underestimate the Value of Good Design:

This can be a daunting task so if in doubt get help!  The READ MORE

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