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How To Add Contemporary Style To A Kitchen

Contemporary kitchen style is in a word, balanced. This style maintains a comfortable balance between functional livability and understated sophistication. For the modern homeowner, less means more. Nothing should be present that doesn’t have an intended function– even if that function is simply the appreciation of the beauty of the materials, or the satisfaction of a well-planned design. Removing unnecessary complexity from the centerpiece of the home brings ease in an already complex world. How can this be done? • Use color, texture and contrast to complement the simple geometry of a contemporary design. Keep cabinetry colors neutral. • Use decorative accents and accouterments to bring in color and personal style. Prized pieces of wall decor can be used to adorn a kitchen, and then be changed over time. Avoid over-ornamentation that can be viewed as clutter. • Choose backsplash material that complements the color and finish of the cabinetry, but remember that, as time passes, backsplash material can be changed to create an entirely new look for a kitchen. • Select appliances with a clean unadorned style, or hide your appliances with overlay panels that match the adjoining cabinetry. Invest in quality appliances that will continue to provide value over time. • Pay attention to the lines that run through a kitchen. Contemporary design emphasizes consistent and repeated queues that allow the eyes to view the span of a kitchen uninterrupted. Abrupt changes in vertical or horizontal lines can see awkward. • Above all, keep the design simple. A useful guideline is to incorporate all the design elements that are desired, and then take something away. Added complexity and ornamentation becomes dated sooner than many people expect. There is no one “right” style for a Contemporary Kitchen, but paying attention to these guidelines will produce a design that reflects a personal style that can be enjoyed for years to come. Harmoni features many doors and finishes that easily complement a contemporary design. Contact an Authorized Dealer to see the breadth of available styles, and to move forward with your new kitchen!

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